2022 VAPGA Bills

House Bills

HB 73 Electric utilities; definitions, aggregate capacity requirements for renewable energy facilities.
HB 74 Va. Clean Economy Act; non-bypassable charges, energy-intensive trade-exposed (EITE) industries
HB 118 Electric utilities; regulation, development of renewable energy facilities.
HB 143 Heavy Equipment Dealer Act; agreements and exclusivity.
HB 152 Sales and use tax; exemption for portion of payment card processing fees.
HB 172 Solar projects and energy storage projects; siting agreements with host localities.
HB 202 Solar facilities; permit by rule.
HB 206 Small renewable energy projects; impact on natural resources.
HB 296 Minimum wage.
HB 320 Minimum wage.
HB 379 Energy benchmarking; access to data on energy usage in certain buildings; civil penalty.
HB 395 Carbon offset credits; Marine Habitat and Waterways Improvement Fund.
HB 405 Business park electric transmission infrastructure pilot program; location of qualifying projects.
HB 443 Park authorities; electric vehicle charging stations.
HB 450 Parking of vehicles; electric vehicle charging spots; civil penalties.
HB 469 Electric utilities; clean energy mandates; transitioning workers; New Virginia Economy Act.
HB 553 Commercial driver's licenses; Secretary of Transportation, et. al, to implement various initiatives.
HB 558 Natural gas, biogas, and other gas sources of energy; definitions, energy conservation.
HB 839 Electric utilities; recovery of costs; rate adjustment clause proceedings; construction/facilities.
HB 885 Uniform Statewide Building Code; livability standards.
HB 899 Aboveground storage tanks; Hazardous Substance Aboveground Storage Tank Fund; civil penalties.
HB 998 Building energy use intensity; reporting; reduction; requirements; incentives.
HB 1017 Overtime; compensable hours worked; compensatory time.
HB 1040 Minimum wage; small employers.
HB 1054 Disaster or emergency; weather extremes; disconnection prohibitions for certain utilities.
HB 1059 Suspension of the imposition of taxes on gasoline and diesel fuels; emergency.


Senate Bills

SB 13 Energy performance-based contracts; roof replacement.
SB 28 Virginia Business Ready Sites Program Fund; created.
SB 32 Overweight vehicle permits; increases maximum extension of existing weight limits.
SB 65 Alcoholic beverage control; distiller licenses to allow Internet orders and shipments.
SB 173 Minimum wage; removes certain provisions relating to increasing state wage.
SB 250 Nonhazardous solid waste fees.
SB 272 Lower carbon concrete; report.
SB 320 Mini-trucks; definition; use on certain highways.
SB 347 Electric utilities; energy efficiency programs.
SB 380 Sales tax; exemption for food purchased for human consumption and essential personal hygiene.
SB 452 Local governments; additional powers, energy efficiency of buildings.
SB 499 Life cycle of renewable energy facilities; report.